Are you going to use music from the original game ?

Yes, we are planning to add the original music to the mod.

does yuri's floating disk draining ability work in Conred like in YR?

Due to the way we’re working on the mod, we haven’t done much for Yuri yet.

Will you use some of the improvements from RA3? For example; the way Tesla Troopers work with Tesla Coils, seems a lot better in RA3 :)

I have found that the tesla troops work worse in RA3, because they stop charging the coil after a short time.

Whereas in RA2, they continued to do it till you told them to stop.

How do you plan to make the bridges? Exactly like in RA2, or more realistic? (No floating parts)

RA2 never had any floating parts, but I don’t think we’ll be able to replicate how the bridge works in RA3.

Just to add to this page, what's is/are your/yall's favorite military aircraft?

The Black Eagle

Approximately how many people does your mod-team consist of?

Currently working members, 2.

So how is the awesomeness of Condition Red coming? Don't mean to pester, just curious and --very-- excited about said mod.

Currently working on some textures and code.

Nothing to show yet tough.

Will you be doing more furry related mods?

It’s probably not going to be likely.

Sigma Invasion will most likely be the only furry mod we do.